Integrated lessons

In CISC we apply the method of integrated lessons during which the educational content from different disciplines is united: environmental studies + chemistry,  mathematics + physics, mathematics + foreign language etc. Integration of school subject helps children to perceive the world around us in a more holistic and comprehensive manner.

Besides the integrated lessons in secondary school, the teachers of natural sciences conduct integrated lessons with the teachers of primary school.

Holistic perception

Since a strict distinction between scientific disciplines exists only in theoretical dimension, in CISC we introduce integrated lessons allowing a child to overreach the limits of one-sided thinking and to form a holistic view of the world.

Mental adaptability and flexibility

By uniting different disciplines in the process of education, we incite children to contemplate over certain questions, to search for answers using different points of view and instruments from different fields of science. This approach helps develop a child’s thinking as flexible, adaptable, capable of studying one phenomenon from different perspectives.