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Getting ready for the 1st of September – psychologist’s advice

Getting ready for the 1st of September – psychologist’s advice

How to help a child get ready for the 1st of September?

Tell your child about school life, about the events that will happen that day.

Try to spend a few days before the 1st day of September according to the school regime, i.e. with strict wakeup time and bedtime.

You can out the child’s favourite toy (if the size allows) into his or her backpack (the child will feel more calm that way).

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It’s school-time soon! How to adapt the child to school rhythm

It’s school-time soon! How to adapt the child to school rhythm

In a few weeks the children will return to school. What can parents do to facilitate their child’s adaptation to school and to the educational process in general?

10 rules that help both children and parents adapt to the school life: 

1. Every day, go to bed 15 minutes earlier than yesterday. Little schoolchild must sleep not less than 9-10 hours daily, that’s why bedtime must not be later than 21-21.30.

2. After 19.30 there must be no active and loud games; it’s better to devote that period to reading interesting books or calm conversations with the parents.

3. Only after performing the first rule, you can gradually move the waking time earlier. Every day for 10-15 minutes.

4. Start your morning with a smile! Waking up is fun!

5. Find some allies and friends. If the schoolchild will be adapting to the new regime together with friends and classmates, the process will become much easier.

6. Become an example. If mom and dad won’t revise their daily regime, the child will find it hard to do. Start from yourself!

7. Day-time sleep or rest. Not everyone can adapt to the new regime easily. You can take one hour to rest during the day. There is no harm in a little siesta!

8. Healthy nutrition. A balanced nutrition will help the the child’s adaptation to school much easier

9. It is desirable to have a time for organized activity with the child in the first half of the day, not less than 1 hour and not more than 2 hours. Since it’s still vacation time )). For more experienced schoolchildren: reading an interesting book, drawing, solving mathematical sums or logical puzzles, writing exercises atc.

10. Daily schedule. Without it the motivation won’t be efficient. Plan some nice pastime together with the child, for example, going to the cinema or a walk in the park, and you’ll see your child rise earlier than anyone in the morning.

Have a nice and effective start!


Children and boundaries

Children and boundaries

American scientists have coinducted a unique experiment. They invited 3-4 year old children to a well-equipped playground, and let them play as they wanted.

At first, the children moved through the whole playground, but after some time passed,  they started grouping in the middle of the playground, and such groups became more and more numerous. By the end of the first hour, all children were concentrated in the centre of the playground.

The following day, the same children played for about two hours at the same playground, and the whole time the children separately or in small groups, were equally distributed within the whole territory of the  playground..

In both cases all conditions were the same, except one: in the first case the playground was not fenced, and in the second case a small fence was constructed around it, i.e. the boundaries of the playground were visibly marked.

Such example is a vivid demonstration of the fact that the children have a need for boundaries and rules. They intuitively understand that marked boundaries mean safety. In fact, the boundaries constitute the basis for human inter-relations. And the level of responsibility for one’s obligations, for the decisions made, for finalizing the things one starts.

Anna Chernysh, practical psychologist

How to develop a child’s learning motivation?

How to develop a child’s learning motivation?

Some of the parents who come to CISC say that their child has no wish to learn, and so they hope that a change of school will change the learning motivation as well. As a rule, a child does not want to attend a school in which he/she does not enjoy the school process, and thus has no interest in education.

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Edutainment as a teaching method

Edutainment as a teaching method

Edutament is a new word in the educational system a teaching method which allows to learn various knowledge through entertainment. During the game-classes the educational process is based on simulated situations aimed at replication and assimilation of the social experience in all of its aspects: skills, knowledge, techniques, abilities and emotional-valuational activity.

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